Elevating global data management standards for a consistent options symbology for the financial community.

For 50 years, Symbol Master, Inc. (SMI) has been a leading provider of precise Standardized Options Symbology, we have played a pivotal role in helping organizations manage security master and reference data with precision. At SMI, we are committed to maintaining data integrity and ensuring market consistency. Our strategic collaborations with U.S. options exchanges, Market Data Vendors, Redistributors, and Self-Regulated Organizations (SROs) position us as a crucial partner in the financial services industry.

Setting ourselves apart, we offer symbology validation software renowned for its unmatched accuracy and reliability, specially tailored for the entire industry and uniquely to Multi-Asset Quantitative Trading Houses and Analytic Trading Firms. Positioned at the forefront of the digital transformation era, we continue to drive innovation and excellence in the financial data landscape.

At the core of our triumphs stands a robust foundation, through our centralized database repository capabilities, proprietary Symbology DNA logic, and a meticulous Symbol Master validation process. These fundamental components embody our commitment to delivering the most reliable options series data available, promoting transparency between options exchanges and the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC).


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